Sweet Everlasting

linda_tx8(8)November 13, 2010

I've seen plants growing wild that occasionally host some American Lady cats in this area.I used to think these plants were something else. But that just didn't make sense, so I have been trying to ID it. Since a few plants bloomed this fall, I have found a good probable ID. I looked at pics of Gnaphalium obtusifolium...wow! It really looks a lot like it. Anybody have any Sweet Everlastings? BTW, I just found more cats on one of these plants yesterday! In November!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Congrats, Linda! G. obtusifolium pops up here and there around here in sunny spots, and I've raised a few American ladies on it. However, cudweed/G.? has wider leaves that feed more cats, and it's more common around here, so that's what I usually use.
It's great that you're finding AL cats this late in the year!

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It's been a great year for the AL this year! I don't usually see the cats often, but this year we've had quite a few. I also brought home some cudweed plants I dug up somewhere back in the spring, but they seeded out fairly quickly in the heat...and then they died. The G. obtusifolium is not short-lived here, so it seems to be better in this climate. BTW, there are some small RA cats that I found today on stinging nettle. Maybe the butterflies think it's not going to freeze here anytime soon?

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Linda, you're lucky to still find cats, but you're a lot warmer than I am. A guy here in Oklahoma just e-mailed me that he still has Black Swallowtail cats on his Dill. That is really late for Oklahoma.

I went out yesterday to pick the rest of my tomatoes because it is going to freeze here, and guess what I found? A Tobacco Hornworm!! I have never seen one this late.

Isn't Gnaphalium obtusifolium an annual? It must perpetuate itself by seed. I had some crop up one year in my yard, but it died back before flowering, so no reseeding. I scattered some seed this last year, but nothing came up. Maybe next year. I think the seed need some stratification to germinate.


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Wow...LUCKY YOU! I'd been seeing PLs in my yard this past week but never have had any cats. I'm planning to plant pearly everlasting in the spring to hopefully get some cats of either PLs or ALs! I'm just west of DFW...what area are you in Texas?
It got down to 33 last night here so we have frost on the ground! I covered my tomatoes but forgot to turn off the sprinklers!!! Not sure if they are alright or not!
If you get seed, I'd love to trade! Not sure if I have anything you might like but I checked your list & I had already scattered all my standing cypress seeds but will get some in 2011! It grows all over the place in fields & I already see some coming up already where I scattered it, so I'll have some for sure next year!

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G. obtusifolium is listed as an annual on a couple of sites I found. I don't know...I've seen a plant in the same exact place as where one existed the year before, but that may just be a coincidence. imabirdnut, I'm in the county just west of Bexar Co. (where San Antonio is located). My place is on the southern edge of the Hill Country, so I live on a hillside. Those plants aren't numerous around here, but this year there's quite a bit more than normal. I can send you a small amount of seeds if you'll go to my page and email me.

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Linda, I emailed you! Check out my list & we'll trade if I have anything you would like!

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