Vine borer grubs suitable to feed Sarracenia?

maquermiSeptember 10, 2013

I grew zucchini and pumpkins this season only to lose them to Squash Vine Borers. They are a grub of some kind of moth. I tilled the soil where the plants were growing to find more grubs in it. I am currently growing VFTs, Sundews and Sarracenias in plastic pots. I was wondering if it was okay to drop a grub into the Sarracenia? The pitchers are about 6 inches tall. The VFTsand Sundews are still small and would do that to them. Also what kind of bugs and or insects are okay to feed them at all?

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The biggest insect i,have ever seen in any of my pitchers was a bumblebee,and for the vfs a daddy long leg.the pitchers will hold a larger bug of course.

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