Sarracenia & Rainy days

byron_1(z10FL)September 16, 2013

Has anyone ever wonder how come Sarracenias have not evolved any system to prevent the pitchers from gathering too much water and bending over during rain storms?

It seems that the pitcher after it falls, it rarely goes back no normal. So the plant will lose that means of catching insects till the next one grows.

Perhaps they do not need to eat as much as they do and can afford pitchers dropping to the sides.

What do you think.

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The pitchers that fall or bend over are from a weak and not a healthy plant.

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Sorry mate, but my sarracenia a are very healthy. I am referring to the long tall ones like the leucophyllas. The rain that builds up during heavy rains weights too much and they bend. They have no means of getting rid of the extra water, like the heliamphoras.

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This time of year Flavas for example tend to flop over. As the insects rot the bottom of the pitcher it weakens and is easily bent. Totally normal.

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Yes, but these ones are perfect. If you fill your tall sarracenia with water, it will tip over because of the weight. Every time I go outside after a strong storm, I find them on the floor.

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