What's wrong with my brug?

kasha77August 18, 2012

I had my husband remove and destroy this yellow brug today. It became infected with some sort of stem blight. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Wow, if you don't know Kathy, we may all be stumped!

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Oh I don't know everything! :) I asked around on face book and I think it's a Fusarium virus. Well, I had Don tear the whole plant out and destroy it! Even the soil's contaminated now. I can never plant another angel in it's place! Good to share the knowledge!

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Hi Kathy,
sorry about your brug.If I may ask,which yellow was it ?

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Hey Dan- it was one of my noid yellows. (probably a Charles Grimaldi) Thank God that I have others on the far end of my property that are not affected. Hey- by the way- did you send me another email? I got an email from a "Dan" from Garden web saying he'd be in my area- and that we should get together for coffee. Just checking!

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NO KATHY,wasn't me. Good thing you checked with me. The internet is a great thing,but you MUST be careful.Of course there may be another Dan on some other forum,but my radar would be up on this one,just to be safe.

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Dan- I didn't think it was you. (too far away a trip for a cup of coffee!) It came from garden web, so I just unsubscribed from the email. Thanks for letting me know!

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MissMudPuppy(z7 - L.I.)

Good afternoon dear Kathy! Sorry I haven't been around. Hope you're doing better :-). Whoa, that definitely looks like a Fusarium virus. Thank God nothing else on your property has been infected! I've been watching my Brugs for signs since we had a veggie garden not too many feet away that had a terrible time with viruses this yr. Not sure what I can do now to try & ward anything off, esp since it's nearing the end of Sept & our weather has turned significantly cooler with daytime temps in the 70's & low humidity & nighttime temps between the 50's-60's. Both Brugs seem healthy with numerous flushes of new leaves. There's lots of little buds coming but I don't know if they're going to make it into full blossom considering our early autumn weather. Earwigs & leaf hoppers have been nibbling various areas of the leaves but I just crush them with pliers. I don't remember if I shared these with you before but if not, here's some pictures of what my Brugs looked like back in August:

Enjoy your day!

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green_thumb_guy(Z5 Ont)

Hi Kasha,
I agree with the diagnosis you received. Somilarly, I had a brug that came down with the same scars.
Fred, gave me similar instructions.

This year, I planted a spare brug in the same spot to see what happens - with respect tithe soil being infected

We'll see this fall.

I did dispose of the brug- just FYI. Nothing I did changed the scarring

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Thanks everyone for your 2 cents! I've been taking cuttings for next year. I've been adding a capful of liquid copper in each bucket of water, so the stems will take it up. Maybe that will act as an inoculation against anything that might try to invade.

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