Super tiny sand looking bugs on my baby Nepenthes Miranda

colourscientistSeptember 11, 2013

I saw what looked like a bunch of salt or sand all over the miranda. I got even closer and realized they were moving. I'm brand new to gardening and everything, my mother is the big gardner but she's never done a carnivorous plant. I haven't either, it was given to me. So I called the nursery it came from and they haven't replied back yet. I did some research and apparently it could be mites or spider mites?

Now..there is no webbing, it's just riddled all over the leaves and pitches, the pot, the surface it was sitting on.

I tapped some onto a white piece of paper and they looked light tan. Not red, black or anything else. Some were really clumped together. It genuinely looks like sand.

I took a hose and sprayed them off the surface the plant was sitting on and then watered the plant until they were gone. The pitcher overflowed and tons and tons of them just poured with the excess water :/

Are these really mites? and if so did I just take away a super super big epic feast of food for the baby plant? :/

I uploaded a photo, sorry for the quality, I have a crappy iphone 4 lol

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Sounds like mites. Maybe dust mites.

Go watch this:

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