size diffrental between typical red Capensis and d.Capensis Albin

doowop_6116September 28, 2007

hi ..I was wondering if any one know's the size diffrental between drosera Capensis red typical and drosera Capensis Albino ? Both plant's I have are only plantlet's . ty and cheers

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Hello doowop 6116,

Alba variety D. capensis (White Leaf) sundews typically grow about 5 inches in size while the Red Leaf D. capensis typically get about an inch larger.

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ty very much Mutanthybrid . Is there a diffronts in the widness of the leave serfice as Var d. Capenis (white Leaf ] And the D capensis Typical red Var. ? Right now My White plantlet has the widest leaves ,,Broader in size and leaves are up to 3 larger paddle shape leaves ..and 3 spoon shaperd leaves .. While the Typical Red nerrow leaf red Variety has Three Paddle shaped , There first'. This plantlet is 8 months old ..first stage leave development Going into second phaze of growth development . Both grownen in full morning and late after noon sun light . And under lights // with no high humitity . Good luck and happy growing . Mutanthyrird ''. ty for answering my question .

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Hello Doowop 6116,

I can only commment from pictures and information I have read about those varieties as I have not grown them. I tend to grow the typicals and the narrow leaf varieties. From Petiolaris's pictures on this forum, it appears that the Alba produces wider leaves than the Red Form capensis.

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