First ever trip to Broadwell's. Any Tips?

ajwillys(7B-8)March 28, 2008


I will be making my first ever trip down to Angier next week to go to Broadwell's. We're taking an Expedition and a trailer and I have a list of plants I (and friends) want. Is their anything else I should know? I'm a little nervous because I've been told the plants aren't labeled well and I'm not too good at identifying by sight although I've tried to gain some knowledge of the particular stuff I want.

Also, how good are the deals really?

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jimtnc(7b Raleigh tttf)

Take several pics of the plants/trees you want to identify with. Also, don't go on Saturday if possible and remember most of the guys there are gone for lunch from 12-1. Maybe I got lucky but the head nursery guy (speaks good english ) was there at luch time when I was there, I guess in case anyone came to pick something up. About all you'll get is pointed in the direction of what you want, but if it's multiple plants not sure how that's gonna turn out.

If Sam is there he might be able to help with the interpreting (he's a latino too and speaks good english) and maybe point you in the right direction, but he also runs a landscape company so he may be pretty busy.

I guess the reason they don't label the plants is they don't stay around long, but it seems like they could label the general slot.

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Tammy Kennedy

What you do is ask when you get to the main guy, where this and that is, and make notes on your sheet. He'll tell you it's so many rows down, past this or that. Come back as often as you need to, to him- he and Sam are the main go to guys- pretty much everyone else is hispanic, so unless you speak spanish you're outta luck. Oh, and if he doesn't have it, ck across the rd at old stage. Same deal, essentially- it's run by Coy's nephew. Few more english speakers work there, but it's pretty easy to ask as you drive in where to head. For the most part, you'll be driving everywhere- they are big! Don't be nervous- have fun and go grab some great deals. It is a lot more sane on weekdays.

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Thanks for the tips. It sounds like its going to be a real adventure. Hopefully, it's worth it. I'm going on Monday so it shouldn't be too crowded.

Thanks again!

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Ok, one last question. Do they accept credit cards or just cash?

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Tammy Kennedy

cash and checks. no credit cards that i recall unless it was added recently.

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