Butterfly bush near foundation

bsteeves86November 6, 2010

Hey everyone,

I have three very large butterfly bushes in my front yard, 15 ft tall or so. I keep finding seedlings all over my yard. One I didn't notice for a while is nearly three feet tall so I decided to dig it up and plant it close to my foundation to cover up a few eyesores. This plant seems to grow very aggressively so I started to get nervous whether this could be a problem for a foundation. It is still fairly small so i can easily rip it out if need be and plant something else.

Thanks in Dvance.

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How close to the foundation? I have three which are 1.5 feet from the foundation and there hasn't been an issue. They have been there for 6 years now.

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Unlike other trees...the BF bushes seem to have very tender & more surface growing roots, at least that's what I noticed when I was digging around my oldest one that grows to about 12 ft tall. I cut it back to about 2-3 ft every winter. If it is at least a yard from your foundation, it shouldn't be a problem, IMO! :o)

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