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napapen(ca 15)November 29, 2010

My narrow leaf milkweed has slowly been creeping across some of my garden in a direction I don't like. So yesterday, I dug them up, cut the tops back but saved all the roots, wrapped them in wet newsprint, and then put them in 3 plastic bags and into the refrig.

What I am hoping is to over winter them in the refrig and then plant the roots in areas where I want milkweed. I had to dig now because the tops die completely back. I'll post my results next spring.


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runmede(7a Virginia)

First, I've never heard of a garden zone 15. I did look up your Napa Valley, CA zone and found it to be 9b. I'm in 7a here in Virginia. My ground has not frozen, but we have had a killing frost. I was just out yesterday finishing planting some trees and shrubs.

I'd recommend that you find a place in your yard where you want to plant the milkweed and put it into the ground. In your frig over the winter, there's a good chance it will rot.

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napapen(ca 15)

In California we use Sunset zones rather than USDA zones.


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