The sun is out and Spring is here!

rosebush(z7 NC)March 31, 2009

I spotted two TB iris buds! The ones that smell like grape bubble gum. Mmm!

The wild plums are in bloom - love them - and grape hyacinths are everywhere!

Still harvesting spinach from the fall planting, almost ready to take some early lettuce, and loving all the green that the rains encouraged. Okay, well, NOT the weeds!

Have lots of winter-sown seedlings on my patio and am itching to plant them out. Looks like my butterfly bush cuttings have rooted well - yay! Don't have much luck rooting anything but the easiest plants, so this is a huge success for me.

The baby hostas planted two years ago from seed are peeking through, and it is exciting to see them return bigger than last year.

Potatoes have been planted, herbs and tomatoes sown in pots for later transplanting, and I am so happy to see the sunshine. :)

What's happening in your garden this week?

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My new white pines are in, that was a HUGE one for this week for me. My roses are leafing up nicely, one banana plant is poking that first leaf up. My lillies are coming in nicely, orentials. And I got a "to do" list about a mile long!! But I'm having fun!! :-)

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rosebush(z7 NC)

Nannerbelle, You go, Girl! That was a HUGE undertaking. . .

The "to-do" list never ends with me - I keep adding to it, but FUN is what it's all about.
Where else can you get free Vitamin D, free exercise (no gym fees), a free suntan (who needs tanning beds?), and enjoy the wonders of creation, but out in your garden! LOL And then you get fresh flowers and/or fresh produce to boot!
Some people would think it's boring, but I think it's the good life. . .

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

rosebush, I totally agree. Another thing about keeps the pharmaceutical companies in business cranking out those Advil,Motrin and Aleve.(LOL)

I'm just in awe of nannerbelle who, with hubby, seem to have the energy of 6 people apiece.
It's raining here, again, and I still have to go out and enjoy the search for sprouting perennials.
Too wet to plant or weed.

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rosebush(z7 NC)

Keep the faith, Dottie, it may be raining now, but the forecast for Saturday is looking pretty good - here, anyway. I live for my Saturdays in the garden. :)

Yes, the ibuprofen bottle gets a workout when I do, too! My daughter told me that chamomile tea is good for sore muscles, so I'm going to try that. Those pharmaceutical companies have enough money, right? LOL

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LOL thank you so much ladies!! I appreciate the kind words! It's raining here today too, and I'm very much looking forward to a pretty weekend. I've got my to do list ready to try and mark off a few more items. I've been to Sams so I have a full supply of generic Aleve on hand. :-) Thankfully I have more time on my hands this year than last. My work schedule is calmed down to a normal 40 to 45 hour week now, and I gave up my role as President of a Muscle Car Club. It was too much aggrivation and I had been running the club since 2001. And believe me, I'm finding myself enjoying my gardens, spring and free time much more this year without trying to keep 30 cars and participants organized for Food Lion Autofair!! My gardens and plants don't get snippy with me if I make a decision they don't like. LOL

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