Sarracenia Purpurea without liquid?

mcgyvr2009i(Schenectady, NY 5b)September 15, 2013

Hi GW. I bought my Sarracenia plant this spring and have been growing it very nicely. The only problem, is that the pitchers don't have any liquid in them. I have been a "good boy" keeping it watered, and much better than my Nepenthes. My Sarracenia has many pitchers yet my Nepenthes has acid and my Sarracenia doesn't.

This is what my Sarracenia looks like:
but the picture isn't mine. It belongs to Plu604 from

Is this species supposed to have liquid, or is it supposed to be dry? If it's not supposed to be dry, what do I do?

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Is it INSIDE? I think I know the answer. If so put it OUTSIDE. It catches rainwater in it's pitchers.

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Try outside ,mine are constantly filled with water by mother nature.this should solve the problem.

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I just got a Purple Pitcher plant. I have it inside and will keep it inside probably most of the time. Is it supposed to have water in the pitchers? If so do I need to put some in?

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Your plant won't live long inside. You can put about an inch of rainwater or distilled water in the pitchers.

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