hmm, wonder which plants may still be there

paul_(z5 MI)June 18, 2012

Went up to visit the folks this past weekend (about 4 hrs north of my apt) and won't be heading home for a few more days. With the hot summer temps already here, I had relocated almost all of my succulents outside on my balcony. This evening a rather impressive storm system came through my folks' area -- don't know if it went far enough south to reach where I live. I was actually at a Lowes garden center when it hit. The wind was strong enough that even under the roofed outdoor section one still got wet. I was about 30ft (about 9m?) or more in from the roof edge but as the deluge pounded down, the wind whipped a spray of fine droplets horizontally through the entire length of the garden center. On the one hand it was very impressive to see -- haven't seen a storm like that in years. On the other, is the realization that if those high winds did indeed reach far enough south of here to sweep across my balcony (I'm on the 3rd floor), I could very well find myself missing quite a few plants. No, I'm not going to agonize over this -- wouldn't do any good to do so -- but I am going to be interested to see just how they fared.

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I was in that same storm ,that came so fast I didn't have time to move my plants.the plants were all over .busted pots ,busted plants. Just when they were starting to look good.We needed the rain, but not the plants.
I am in Ohio near Toledo

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bikerdoc5968 Z6 SE MI

I think you'll be fine, Paul. While we had some nice hard rain and some wind, it wasn't as impressive as what you had up north. As you know, all of my stuff is outside and it did just fine.

Sharon, sorry to hear about your situation. But they will all grow new again and be just as much a joy to watch.

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