Highland Nepenthes / Axolotl Terrarium

lbensonSeptember 25, 2012

I have an idea that I think could work very well but I wanted to run it past you guys for added input. I'm setting up a 72 gallon aquarium as a highland terrarium. I've got about 8" of water in which I've placed several tall plastic drinking cups to act as pillars. Atop the cups I have a plastic grid like those used to diffuse fluorescents in office buildings. The grid lays level with the surface of the water. There is about 18" from the grid/water surface to the top of the aquarium (room for plants). I've always wanted to keep some aquatic animals in my terrarium along with my CPs but fish will introduce nitrogen. So my thoughts were if the nepenthes sit on the grid (not contacting the water), they should be safe from the nutrients below. The humidity generated should be safe for nepenthes as it is essentially distilled (please correct me if im wrong). I would still be top watering the nepenthes as necessary. I was thinking axolotls would be an ideal alternative to tropical fish such as neon tetra due to their unique temperature requirements (60F slow flowing water). I've though about a lowland / tropical fish vivarium as well but my lowlands are in a room in the basement and for me, its easier to chill a terrarium than a room. I can recreate the necessary nightly temperature drop in the plant portion of the terrarium while the water should fluxuate much less due to H2O's thermal characteristics. I've really no specific question. I just wanted to see what people thought.

I would also like to use this tank to give my droseras, dionaeas, and sarracenias a dormancy. I plan on the water temp varying no more than 55F-65F between day and night, and the air temp about 70F during the day, and 50F at night.

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Your problems will come from the fact that the Nepenthes will quickly outgrow the space and be too tall, too quick. Then the dormancy issue is that 70/50 is too warm for Sarrs and VFT to stay dormant, so I wouldn't bother trying it. I'm not sure about temperate droseras dormancy needs so I can't help you with that one, but droseras that don't need a dormancy should be fine in there. Don't forget that if the water stays warm, so will the air.

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

Just putting my 2 cents in

I would leave a few gaps in the grid at key points so if you have to get to say a filter or air stone or animal etc you don't have to tare up your tank or remove all your plants to do so

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