nepenthes ventricosa prune and pitcher growing advice please

pegerSeptember 1, 2013

A year ago, from a local nursery store, I bought this nepenthes ventricosa (maybe, even though the pitcher was green color when i purchased it).

There were more than six pitchers. Then they all gradually dried out. And never did new pitcher grow. I first thought it's still in shock. But during the year, the vines have grown by 3 feet. And there are five new sprouts. I have to cut some because it's too crowded. So looks like the plant is doing well. But why there is no pitcher? Is that because vines are too long? Should I prune them?

Lighting: it was hanging in the corner between north window and west window in Seattle (zone 8) . It's summer now, there are a lot of sunlight.

Water: In the beginning, i water it weekly. Since two months ago, I realized it needs more water, started to do so every three days. I used filtered tap water.

Nutrition: Haven't applied any.

Humidity: 50% in the summer, could be lower around 40% in winter.

Pot: I kept the original pot for the past year. Moved it to a bigger net pot yesterday.

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Probably needs some food. 1/4 strength orchid food either sprayed on the leaves or poured into the soil. Once every 2 weeks. Keep the soil moist, never let it dry and switch to distilled or rain water.

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Thanks tommyr! I will do the exact thing you told me, see how it works.

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Just remember, in the fall and winter pitcher production slows way down and may stop. Not to worry though, it's normal.

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Thanks for the good advice. So should i spray less orchid food during fall & winter?

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Yes. I start fertilizing mine every 2 weeks around April where I am.

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