hope for my ceph?

paul_(z5 MI)September 13, 2008

Obtained a small ceph this summer, something I've been wanting to try for a while now. Had it outside and it was doing quite well from what I could see. Unfortunately, with the insanity of my job, I wss rushing around & forgot to water it one morning though I knew it was time to do so. Came back that afternoon and it was quite wilted -- couple of the new larger pitchers (about 1/2") were somewhat shriveled. Mortified I watered it but the larger pitchers have not recovered and at least of the noncarnivorous leaves is definitely on its way out. Some of the youngest nubbins of pitchers to be look like they may be okay still. I have brought the plant inside as our outdoor temps are starting to get very erratic with fall approaching -- lows in the upper 50's at night, highs in the 70's and low 80's (wasn't sure if this would be a danger)

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I would allow the plant to dry out a bit. Use distilled water when you do resume watering. this species is also prone to a sudden death phenomenon. They grow well inside at window sills and artificial lighting but should have some seasonality to it. It is somewhat temperate. If you see "winter" leaves, as evidenced by a teardrop shaped, pluck as close to the base as possible and place white part in medium, like a chip dip.

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