venus flytrap

stacey022188September 14, 2012

i bought this venus fly trap from lowes it had 2 bulbs in it so i planted them the way it said i now have two plants that i thought were going to be venus fly traps but it only seems like one is.i'm not sure if the long one i have is a venus fly trap or not because it hasn't grown any fly traps but the other one has but is alot smaller. is it a venus fly trap?

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dethcheez(Sunny SoCal Z10)

The small one on the right is a VFT
The long tall one on the left is a Sarracenia

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that's not a sarracenia its a darlingtonia, or cobra plant. i can't really tell from the picture but it looks like one to me. does it have 2 little "fang" leaves coming from the mouth of the traps?

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I agree with "detchcheez" The long one is a Saaracenia AKA north americnan pitcher plant, & the small one is a VFt.

Boy these two plants are starving for light, they need to be places under full sunlight!

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