Sarracenia Strong odor?

RedBlueSeptember 28, 2013

So Sarracenia are suppose to have a really strong odor to them right? For attracting insects.

I have them in a pot over a year old. For the past month a strong odor has been coming from them. This is normal correct?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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They don't stink, the lips of the plant has a sweet nectar that attracts the insects. Your water may be stagnant. They normally do not stink.

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You kinda answered your own question, they do produce an odor to attract insects. From the link you provided, they look like Sarracenia alata, they have a feint sweet smell to attract prey.

Anyways... you didn't explain what part of the plat this odor is coming from. It could be stagnate water as tommyr said. But it could be coming from the pitcher itself or the opening of the pitcher.

Sarracenias do produce a rank odor from digesting & decaying insects trapped inside the pitchers. So yeah... it's normal.

So you are growing Sarracenia alata?

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The odor was coming from the openings of the pitcher. So most likely it was digestion liquids. Also just did a soil, water change just to be sure.

Don't think I have the sweet smelling nectar ones, cause I've nevered smelt anything sweet from them.

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