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peachy_2010September 21, 2010

hi i am in southern california and i have a peach tree that has small buds that are growing today 9/21/10 i am curious if they will be ok through the winter? since it is blooming and has flowers blooming and small buds should i fertilize it or let it take its course through winter and fertilize it in february?

i also have notice that a lot of the leaves are very dry and wrinkly and curl up a little bit and are falling off. is this leaf curl by chance??

would it be bad if i sprayed it now since i have flowers blooming and small buds growing or should i just wait until the leaves fall off and spray it in january??

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My guess is your tree has gone through a dry soil period and the stress involved, and was recently watered and is trying to recover with new foliage or flowers. At this time of year it will be a short effort as it will go dormant. I would not do anything now but let it progress into dormancy. It is not peach leaf curl. Do not spray until you are sure it is dormant. Dormant spray will damage any growing buds. You did not say how old your tree is but it sounds like a young tree with roots not fully established in your soil. Good luck next year. Al

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i planted the peach tree in the first week of june this year. it came with peaches already on it as well.

would the dry soil period and stress involve being moved from the plastic pot into a soil ground that is happening now?

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al would you like a picture of the leaves??

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I have had some established tree's get fooled and flower in the fall or winter during warm spells, I would not get worried about this at all. Only a small portion of the tree does this typically...

Don't worry about the dormant spray either....

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ok thanks al i appreciate it!

would it have to do anything with the watering too?

i water 2 times a week for about 20 minutes.

i dont let any flooding happen and i try to water slowly so it soaks in.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Your tree is just a little mixed up being in a new location, like a new kid at school. It will settle in as fall and winter progress. Give it some time, and keep up with the watering. Newly planted trees are more vulnerable so don't forget to water.

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aright cool thanks a lot i appreciate it hoovb. i wont i water it pretty good and make sure i am doing everything right!!

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Planting your tree from a container in June, it is very important that when you water, you water directly on the root ball, as you have no roots in the native soil yet. Most of us in California prefer to plant trees during the dormant season, which is also our wet season. To avoid the serious problem of peach leaf curl next year, which usually causes a complete loss of foliage, a real stress for a newly established tree, you will need to dormant spray. Much information is available to time your sprays, locally from your county extension office. Al

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ok thanks al i appreciate it. do you know about how long it takes for the roots to start going into the native soil?

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A lot will depend on how it was planted and into what texture soil. Most soils will require continued watering through the summer and sometimes in dry winters. Keep the soil well mulched within a few inches clearance from the trunk. Water well out at least to the drip line. Depending on soil texture usually about once a week, a good soaking should do it. Al

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