need help asap!!

slimjim124921September 19, 2006

Well theres tons of questions that I have to ask I'll post later.

Today I went to go check on my venus fly trap and underneath my biggest trap there was an earwig, a pretty good size one.

and when I went to go flick it out of the plant it burrowed underneath the soil, I stuck my finger where it went and tried to dig it out but it was in too far :'(

I need to know if I have to transplant it because I don't know if earwigs eat VFT's or plants

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FlytrpL8E(z8b CA)

Welcome to the GW forum
From my experience,earwigs don't usually harm VFTs. The other way around. maybe someday you will find the earwig in one of the traps.

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Earwigw WILL eat any and all CPS. They raped my pitchers and VFTs last year. Fortunately they did little if any lasting harm.

Earwigs are nocternal feeders, burrowing into the soil at teh base of a plant during the day, so you may be able to get the little guy after dark. If not bring the water level up in your pot, all the way to soil level, for a day and drown the pest. That won't affect your VFT at all.

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good advice on the water, that's what I was thinking too. You'll either drown him or he'll come out where you can get him.

Once you do catch it, kill and feed it to your plants... REVENGE muahahaha!

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