Carnivorous plants need rescuing

singhin(Z8 so calif)September 2, 2005

Check out your local Home Depots and Lowes. They are both, at least in my area currently selling the little 3inch pots w/the plastic cup on top.

Have not seen any VFT, but have seen Sundews, Nephes, Butterworts and Pitchers.

Do the plants some justice and get them out of their current situations.

I am just getting into this particular fasinating plant world, usually hang out in the Passiflora forum.

Currently have 2 VFT, 1 Sundew (not sure which one yet) and 1 Sweet Pitcher (I think), only going by the labels on those little pots.

Have ordered a Sweet Pitcher grab bag from Cobraplant, expecting them next week and hoping to join their Plant of the month club.

Live in the Hi Desert of So. Calif. sunset 11, USDA 8.

Anyway go rescue these little guys, if your local stores have them yet.


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I've been to home depot lately, but whenever i go it's too late. Sometimes i usually rescue VFTs. Home Depot usually Has Nepenthes hybrids(species not named) , Usually they sell drosera Adelae, or Rotundifolia(many clumps), The sweet pitcher plant is most likely a Sarracenia purpurea, which i've been wanting for a while.. i've never had any luck by rescuing any Sarracenia purpurea.. i would buy or trade with anyone who has one.. i don't mind if it's small, but it has to be currently growing(and pre-potted)All plants i trade are sent pre-potted, sometimes bare-root.. I have a couple of plants for trade.. anyone can feel free to e-mail me and i will give you my trading list.. i also have drosera capensis seeds.

PS: if you have a sarracenia purpurea and if you are interested.. feel free to e-mail me. i will give you my current trading list.


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I hear ya man!

Every time I go to Home Depot or Lowe's (or really any store with a garden center) I try to rescue at least one plant. The thing is, I don't have much room left :p It's always so sad to see them withering away...I would rescue them all if I could.

Speaking of Sarracenia Northwest's plant of the month club: I'm thinking about joining the Tropical Plant club. Seems like a cool idea!

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necro1234(z6 UT)

I wish the Home Depots over here in Salt Lake City had such things, no CP's at all down here.
Would love to rescue them :)



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akheadbanger(z?? OH)

I rescue from Walmart, i bought my first VFT and my first sundew and pitcher plant from their, well i wish they sold neps hear.. *sigh* i want save some i so would! Its not fair! lol sry Sheldon that they dont sell n e their!


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necro1234(z6 UT)


Ive heard many HomeDepots sell Neps, does yours mabey?
We dont seem to get anything here, only place I get is online from places like COOKS, COBRAPLANT or CALIFORNIACARNIVORES.



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LOL our version of these stores in Britain is Homebase and B&Q. Homebase has like 50 VFTs at the mo that are all dying horribly - I rescued two a while back but I just don't have the budget to save anymore. :(

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It's funny that this topic resurfaced since I rescued a Spoonleaf Sundew and a Nepenthes today at one of my local Home Depots. I'm sure they feel loved :)

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Hi all,
Im new to the garden web, Ive been looking around for an interesting carnivorous plant to replace the vft I currently have growing in my terrarium, Ive been told that the vft needs to go into a dormant state for the winter, I really dont mind doing that but I also do not want to disturb the other terrarium plants, so I would need a tropical carnivorous plant, something that will not grow more than eight, maybe ten inches, a pitcher, sundew or just about any type that would do good and look interesting in the terrarium, if anyone knows of a plant I might be interested in please reply or feel free to e-mail me, thanks you guys so much! I love this site! =^)-

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Well if you want hardy, easy to grow plants here are some of my favorites.
Asian Pitcher: N. Ventricosa, N. Sanguinea
Sundew: D. Capensis (broad leaf giant, red, alba or typical)
Rosette Sundew: D. Aliciae

These are some of the extreme plants Ive grown, they are very very tough and recover well if you dont give them exactly what they want.
All of them also adapt very well to various humidity levels.



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I second all of what Sheldon said, but I'll add a few:

-Drosera spatulata (Spoonleaf Sundew)
-Drosera adelae (Lance-Leaf Sundew)

I've grown these guys for a long time without ANY problems, and I'm sure they'll grow just as easy for you. Plus they both spread like mad via their roots, so you'll never be without new plants!

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necro1234(z6 UT)

Hey buddy!!

Ye how dare I not say D. Adelea when the darn things OVERGREW my Capensis, LOL!!!!
Ye I love the look of your stunning SpoonLeaf sundews, mabey will give them a try some time.

Anyhow good growing!


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Hi xymox
I have saracenia purpurea that I dont want anymore.Im not sure want I want.Just another CP

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how much on average are these places charging for each kind of plant? unfortunately i don't ever have the time to get down there and check :(.

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This summer I rescued a Nepenthes (ventricosa), D. Adelea, VFT (D.Muscipula) and a Ping. from Home Depot at $4.99 a piece. Supposedly there is a new shipment arriving at Lowes today, should be on the shelf by Wednesday.

They are sad little plants sitting in Home Depot, but could it be that the more we rescue/purchase the more they will order them as good sellers? Heck, our Walgreens drug store had VFTs for sale.

Caring newbie,

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Ours recently brought in a shipment that contained VFT's, S. purpurea, and D. intermedia. I have the good fortune to be a p/t cashier, there, and wrote up a basic caresheet. Also, one of the guys in Garden has been showing interest in CP's and has helped by keeping them outside, uncovered (open tray method), and watered with rain. They're doing pretty well... for once!

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