Nepenthes Miranda separating/transplanting

epiphanylemonadeSeptember 30, 2007

I purchased a Nepenthes Miranda at a plant fair several months ago. I am very inexperienced with plants in general. The Nep seems to be ok from what I can tell. Recently, it had an adorable tiny baby. We are moving the plant to a better spot, and had hoped to separate the two, so the little one has room to grow. What is the best way to separate the two plants without hurting them? The small one seems to be growing right out of the big one. I would appreciate any advice on Nepenthes, as this is all new to me. Thanks!

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What is the rush? I'd say just let it grow.

I prefer to wait until the babies are larger before splitting them. You need to cut the "bulb" in such a way that both plants still have some roots attached. It isn't always as easy as it seems and sometimes you end up just cutting the new growth off and scrambling to pot it as a cutting and hope for the best.

I'd say just let it grow. Also, why move it? If it is happy where it is, let it grow.

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I agree with ilbasso,
seperating them this early could drive the baby plant into shock.

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Actually, there is no need to clip off new vines. That is the way Nepenthes grow in the wild, so just let it vine. A Nepenthes will grow new vines out in different directions as they age, just like any other vining plant.

You can take the vines as cuttings, but letting the one plant grow for a while before doing so is always a safe bet. Cuttings do not always take.

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I moved them to a hanging planter, they were on a stand in a pot before and there wasn't enough room. We are going to hang them on the same side of the house, just further back. Thanks for the advice; I definitely won't separate them.

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