what kind of carnivourous plants

swamp_thing(z6 OH)September 12, 2006

I would like to know what kind of carnivorous plants should I get?I live on zone 6 and don't want to get any that may not survive or grow for me?

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It really depends upon where and how you want to grow them. What I mean is doyouwant to grow them outside? In a bog garden? Do you want to grow them inside? In a terrarium or at a window sill?

Many CP's will do well all year long at a window sill. Some grow well in a terrarium. Some grow well outside all year long and others need to be brought inside to escape the cold. Some require a dormancy and some do not.

There are many good beginner plants, like D.intermedia, capensis, spatulata, binata, filiformis, aliciae, adelae, rotundifolia, burmannii, pigmy sundews.... Also, Mexican butterworts, P. primuliflora, many bladderworts, S. purpurea, leucophylla, N. ventrata....

Some can be purchased at a local greenhouse / nursery, like at Lowes or Home Depot. Or, you may want to try an online store or Ebay or work with a forum member.

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swamp_thing(z6 OH)

I think indoors would be better for me and maybe taken it outdoors in the spring for some fresh air? I really would like to find a forum member to trade with but I cannot find anyone yet?Thank you so much for your list and will start finding informatio about them all!

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orquidman2004(z8 Coastal Ga.)

Try the backyard bogs!! Luis

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Feel free to Email me for some starter plants.

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Try a tropical Sundew like D. adelae, easily grows on a window sill! A Nepenthes will grow in a sunny window also, try a Alata x Ventrata!


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