"Recycle" the pitchers?

apg4September 5, 2013

I've had a Neps alata for several years now, and it's doing just fine. Lives outdoors in the summer and the greenhouse in the winter. Lots of pitcher production and vine growth.

My question is what to do with the dried-out pitchers...and I'm not sure if I understand their life-cycle in the first place. From reading another source on VFTs, it said that these plants benefit from traps and leaves that have died after several meals being left on the soil to decompose.

Now I realize that neps live in the trees - in "medium" rather than bogs or dirt like VFTs. The pitchers that I have autopsied look like they dined pretty well before their demise.

So prune and remove or return to the pot?


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Either way, you aren't growing them in natural conditions so it doesn't really matter. Not all Nepenthes grow in trees, many grow on the ground, or on rocky cliffs. It's impossible to recreate exactly the media any Nepenthes grow in, so trying to replicate a part of natural decay is kind of a waste of time, unless it's something you like to do for any particular reason. I personally cut them off as decaying matter tends to encourage rot, fungus,and molds, and I don't want to encourage that around my plants as much as I can help it.

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I agree with Mel. I cut mine off when I see them start to decay.

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