I "stole" a succulent today, help ID :)

DavidL.caJune 19, 2014

First of all I'll say I didn't do anything illegal.. xD
I will confess though, that I've been taking leaf "cuttings" from stores and nurseries, cuz they fell off the plants and are just lying around, some of them already got roots! Does anyone do this too?!

But anyway, today I drove pass Rona and thought I would take a look at their succulent selection. WOW I was impressed by how bad they're taking care of their succulents. Basically everything is dead or half dead... and then this little guy was literally just lying around without a pot! But aside from that it looks healthy and it's a cool plant. I held it in my hand trying to find someone that works there and ask how I can buy this, and finally saw this girl and I told her this thing was just lying on the ground... And she just said, oh you can take it if you want then. She probably thought it was some kind of garbage - .-.

Anyways, here's the plant before I did a repot right afterwards:


I have seen these on a website before, but I couldn't find it again today.. Could someone please help ID?

I really wish these "bigbox stores" have better knowledge about cacti and succulents so they don't just neglect and kill them like that. Some of them are in pots that don't even have drainage holes!

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Andromischus Cristatus, otherwise known as Keylime Pie. I confess that I have collected cuttings in the past before I knew better... I no longer do and will explain why. Though it sounds unlikely the store you visted would have used the leaves for propagation I know of a lot of nurseries that do. And even If It looks as though the cuttings are abandoned the people who run it are full aware of at least most of them. It's just easier to let nature do its thing and when they start doing well they get collected up and potted for later sales when It is more mature.

However, I don't see an issue with inquiring about fallen leaves and ehatnot. Most they can do is tell you no. I tend to be very thorough when I look around nurseries as I am interesting in what makes everything tick and run and sometimes I find plants that have fallen somewhere weird and gotten "lost". I like to rescue these and bring them to someone's attention if there is damage. You may even end up getting it for free just for doing the right thing there.

Anyway, my rule is, if its near the plant it fell from, let It be. If its somewhere weird, pick It up and inquire. They'll usually let you have it.

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Can't help on the ID, but I had to chime in on the part about taking cuttings or leaves. The way I see it, is if you have to grab a leave or cutting discretely, you are doing something wrong. Technically, anything in a store, whether on a shelf or rack, or on the floor, is their property, and shouldn't be taken without permission. I only have one plant, a jade, that I got from a small stem that was laying on the floor beneath the mother plant. I picked it up, but I just couldn't take it. I immediately felt like I was doing something wrong, so I just walked over to an employee and asked if I could have it. She asked the owner, and he was quite baffled that I asked, and said that most people would just take it. I don't know if that's the case, but either way, he happily said I could have it. Now, I can look at that jade, now a nice little tree, and not have to question whether I stole it or not.

So all in all, whether or not it's theft, well, the jury is still out on that I guess, and it's up to the individual. The store certainly isn't taking a loss of product, but, it's also a plant that you're now not buying. Me personally, no, I won't do it without asking, but it's also not my job to judge anyone who does.


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Hm okay, I just took 2 that was on the floor and looked like it was going to go to the garbage soon. And I didn't even hide it anywhere, just took it out with me. But next time I will make sure I ask if I want to take leaves with me.

How come the Andromischus Cristatus here looks a bit different?

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Nevermind, looked it up on Google and it's the same :) Glad that I incidentally captured this little guy, he looks I think.

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Adro. christa var. christa Christa are neat to have easy & not to slow for an adro. You could get as many as six off sets ( clones) in a year. Airial roots are part of it's charm. The dence airial roots they give mites a very good place to hide.
Sort of frail at times and is very possible the piece found laying around had fallen off from anouther one.

Mite deterant. Well in brief mites wont like the heat that this adro would enjoy ( would need to be transistioned)

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Thanks for the info.! Definitely good to know about the aerial roots, at first I was really confused why the roots are on the stems and wasn't sure how to repot it. My plants stay indoor since I live in an apartment, so should be okay with the mite problem, hopefully!

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

You still should keep an eye out for mites. You never know what when they may sneak in on another plant or even your clothes.

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Can't agree more that that Jo-Jo nothing like a good ole reliable watchfull eye but how keen do the eyes have to be?
Top view of two Adro Christa.

Side view of the taller one

grab yourself a box of dental floss with added tooth pick and a fine hair paint brush. Anywhoo welcome to Adro world.

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jojosplants(9/ Tucson, Az.)

A very strong magnifying glass! ;-)

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