Some Questions on dormancy and tropicals

darkdesSeptember 4, 2006

I would like to first say R.I.P. Steve Irwin, you will be missed.

Now for the plants. If it helps with answering my questions I live in columbus georgia and the tempretures this winter could go as low as 20 degrees F.

First of i would like to know if my outdoor plants will be fine this winter unprotected or would it help to add a layer of pine straw in late winter? Here are my outdoor plants.

Venus flytraps

Judith hindle sarr

scarlett belle sarr

Sweet pitcher sarr

White top sarr

Purple pitcher sarr

Leuco x purpurea sarr

Florida giant northern dewthread

Giant staghorn sundew

I imagine the U.S. Native plants would manage well but im a bit iffy about the staghorn. It is very healthy right now and says it will go dormant if i let and i want to let it but im afraid it may get to cold for it. we get frost here but never snow. When it gets late winter should i move it in a windowsill in my unheated garage or leave outside? Would my garage keep it dormant or wake it up? i Also plan on putting my N. mranda in the garage for winter. Would this be ok for it? Would it hurt to add some pine-straw over my dormant plants so they dont get to cold?

Now for the outdoor tropical questions. As mentioned above i grow A D. binata dichitoma and N. miranda outdoors and they are happy right now. The plants i want to grow outdoors year round or almost year round are cape sundew, Multifork sundew (D. binata multifada) and maybe a type of pygmy sundew. How would these fair? I know cape sundew and pygmy sundew have no winter dormancy and am unsure if multiforks do or not. Ive heard they do. Ive heard of cape sundews coming back from there roots after a freeze. So would a cape sundew survive year round? I know i would probably have to move the pygmy inside for late winter.



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I live in the UK where temperatures can reach -10 (although its rarely below -5). I have found it possible to keep VFT, Saraccenia's and Cobra Lilly's outside over winter even in these temps (when I say outside I mean in a cold frame). I sit the pots in trays of saw dust (up to the top of the pot and covering the soil, but not the plant itself) to insulate the pots slightly and check everyday for Botrytis. My Sundews and Nepenthes' are brought indoors over winter which the wife hates!

These are my experiences, other collectors may give different feedback.

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I live in the Buffalo, NY area and I have those same plants (VFT's, temperate sundews, and Sarracenias)in buckets and planters, in a minibog approach. When late fall came and the temps were close to freezing, I toted them all to my attic, where it gets cold but doesn't freeze. I just put the buckets, as is, right by a SW window and let them be for the winter. I watered sparingly, One by one, starting in late Frbruary, they all began to wake up. That works for me.

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i live in zone 8 and winter will be cold but not snowy this year. The sarrs and vfts im not so much worried about but more the fork leaf (Drosera binata dichitoma).

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