D.intermedia... roots?

don555(3a)September 21, 2007

I started transplanting the D. intermedia that were identified in another thread but I'm baffled by the seeming absence of roots. My temptation now is rather than trying to transplant these individual rootless plants, to just remove the entire clump of growing sphagnum and embedded sundews, and move it to another pot where I can make it more or less level with the top of the pot, instead of hugely mounded above the pot like it is now.

Here's a few pics to show what I mean about the roots. First is a plant that shows some older dead leaves, but I see no roots. Second is a plant with lots of dead leaves as it kept growing upward to keep above the growing sphagnum, but again I see no roots (a flower stalk rises to the upper-right of the pic). And the last pic shows a old dead plant that seems to have been smothered by the moss, but it put up a kind of stolon that created a live plant on the moss surface (an old flower stalk rises to the upper-left in the pic)... again there seem to be no roots. Am I missing something?

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They are probaly hidden in the dead leaves,
Since their roots are black,it will be difficult to spot them.
- Adrian

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Thanks. In the end, I decided to move the entire clump of sphagnum/Drosera to a larger pot, but at level with the top of the pot like I mentioned above. I did keep out a half-dozen of the plants I had separated as indivuals and transplanted them to a new pot to see what happens. Anyway, here's a pic of the main tranplanted clump -- a bit beat up from tranplanting, but I think it should do just fine after a bit of recovery, and now it's got some room to grow.

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I would just pick one arrangement you think is best and just let them be. They need stability of conditions at this point.

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