Suggestions for displaying CP's

bluebelleSeptember 22, 2006

My partner has slowly started to get a small collection of cp's together. I know he has a Venus fly trap & pitcher plant, I'm not really sure what the others are. He currently has them in individual pots in our utility room, but wants to find a nicer way of presenting them. How do you guys display yours, can they all go in a big pot together, or could they go in an old fish tank ? I would really welcome some suggestions.

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I think a picture is worth a thousand words, so I provided a link to my CP photo album. Be usre to click 'View All' to see a variety of venues - all except the terrarium approach. I have no taste or class, so what you see is functional and "ghetto".

Basically, depending upon individual tastes, climates, the plants themselves, and available resources, determines the many ways in which cultivation is aproached. Notice that I have my VFT's & American pitcher plants outside. They love and need as much direct sunshine as they can get. They also require a dormancy period for the winter. I tote my buckets of minibogs to the attic and place at a SW window sill.

My Asian pitcher plants reside in a planter in the bathroom, all year long. Hanging baskets also work well. An so do terrariums, which is nothing more than a glorified fishtank.

Sundews, butterworts, and bladderworts do very well in their pots, sitting in plastic containers of water, right by the window sill, exposed to the air. They can also be cultivated on a terrarium, but one need be cognizant of the air circulation and potential for mold.

Those who can, invest in greenhouses. I would also look into purchasing (or library) a copy of the CP book called Savage Garden. The author presents a variety of approaches and describes what works best how.

Here is a link that might be useful: CP photo album

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nankeen(z8b Portland OR)

Hi Bluebelle,
I grow my *small* CP collection in pots. I plan on building a nice bog garden when I move into a house that I plan on keeping for a while :-) Most of these plants are very young, but they will fill in soon... I hope. Here they are.

A bog garden is really the best way to display these plants, since you can have so many en masse, the textures and colors really look nice. The Link below is one of Fredsbog's Bogs. Needs to be weeded a bit ;-) but you get the picture. He is an excellent grower.

If you don't have the space for a bog garden, a minibog constructed out of a large attractive pot is a suitable place to mix and match species, colors and even non-CP's. The Savage Garden has a very nice picture of a Red mini-bog with good texture.

If you don't have space for a minibog and you need to grow in smaller pots, then buy the nicest pots you can afford, because you'll be stuck with them for a while. Unfortunately, the coup de gras is that the nice glazed ceramic water saucers for under the pots cost as much as the pot itself! So I'm stuck with unattractive plastic ones (that cost $1.50) until I have more $ to beautify.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fredsbog's Bog

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lindaflower(7 DFW)

How about something like this on a stand?
I'm also thinking of building a ceramic bog to fit on an old desk that my other plants are on... maybe with different levels.

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Linda: Now that is tasteful!

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Mine live in the basement on a table in aquariums. Technically now I have three aquariums. 2 10 gallon and 1 20 long. I have two shop lights directly overhead. Now as far as beautiful display... well, I plan to build a new shelf system with some storage space underneith and I hope to get a couple 30 gallon breeder tanks. My biggest display issue is my number of plants. The growing season is about over and I "may" aquire 1 or two more plants before late october but that's about it. This year alone however I started with a single flytrap and now have (gotta do the math they're not right in front of me LOL) somewhere around 20 or so plants, including 3 different types of aquatics.

I also decided that I was going to try and grow my own plant food. So, I have a small tank of Moina (Daphnia) and an ant farm I haven't gotten around to setting up yet.

So, as far as display goes... keep in mind that your collection may grow. since plants, partiularly plants like Nepenthes go from a 6 leaf little 4 inch pot size up to "going to have to figure out where the heck I'm gonna put this thing", (I think my Ventrata is going to pull a day of the triffids on me some day) you have to be ready for that.

I'll put a link to my site on here so you can see what I've done so far... it's alwasys in a state of flux though so keep that in mind when it looks like a mess. LOL

Here is a link that might be useful: Tangled Web of Aracknight

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