Best place to live???

bellasmom06March 30, 2011

Hi there...I am 52 and an avid gardner. I am selling my Missouri home and looking for a fairly new house with at least a half an acre to an acre or more. I can go any where. I'm looking for as little snow as possible! ha ha! I don't mind a little winter. I've looked in Greenville, SC area and several others. I need to work a office job to support myself. So...where is a wonderful place to live where I can have flowers and maybe tomatoes and peppers??? Thanks!!! Kathy

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Hi Kathy.
You might want to go through the Search function here and find the older threads that mention 'moving to North Carolina" or "moving to South Carolina" where you'll get lots of details.
Are you coming alone?

Find out how much you can reasonably expect to net on the sale of your home and then deduct 10-15K off of that for unanticipated costs,moving costs,new furniture etc.
etc. being funds to live off of while you search for an office job paying enough to support you and with benefits.

Think about renting where ever you land to give you time to get acquainted with the area and see if it suits you enough to invest in staying. Greenville is as good a place as any and large enough to find a job. Once you arrive you'll have time to investigate the state and other states nearby.
Good luck selling your Missouri home. It's a tough market these days and getting bank loans to buy a home is even tougher.

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Thanks Dottie...I am alone. I also will sell my home, and don't need a loan to buy . You mention several things that I have thought of, or friends have. I know the market is tough...I do have an offer on my place, but it is less than I want by quite a bit.'sn't with a realtor, so that would save commission. I have had a realtor give me an appraisal.

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I like the Greenville and Spartanburg areas of SC, or even Anderson or Pickens if you want smaller towns.

I live in Raleigh NC and love it. In a perfect world I would rather live in the mountains with cooler weather but I hear that jobs are harder to find there. There are plenty of people out of work in this area, so I wouldn't expect high wages when you finally get a job. Everything seems to be shifting - in a state of flux, being the state capital and with the state budget being reshuffled and all...

Good Luck.

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We live in Aiken, SC/Augusta, GA. Seems to be a fairly good economy, low taxes and Aiken has a small town feel. Most shopping is in Augusta. We love it here having come from Florida. Loads of golf, 2.5 hours from Charleston, Savannah, etc., good horse country, low housing prices. We did have snow this year, but it disappeared the next day. It did get cold, but not unbearable. I'm from the DC area and it's NOTHING like that. We can use our pool 9 months of the year (heated in the fall and spring). To me, it's the perfect place to retire. Columbia (the capitol) is also not far.

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I just posted about NC, but I grew up in Greenville,SC, and it is a great place. Check out Traveler's Rest north of Greenville...Mauldin to the east and Pickens to the west...even the Clemson area, if you want university options. There is lots to do around that area.

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I was born in Anderson, S.C., grew up in the Columbia, S.C. area, and have also lived in Greenville, S.C., Myrtle Beach, S.C., and Asheville, N.C. I am currently residing in Durham, N.C. The reason for so much moving is that I am a golf course "grow-in" Superintendent. I travel around the region growing-in new golf courses. However, if I had my choice of where to settle down in one place, there could only be one choice for me.....Charleston, S.C. Go spend a few days there, and then you will understand why. In particular, James Island or Sullivan's Island.

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