Figs in North Carolina

terowan(8a--NC)March 14, 2009

I live in Eastern Carolina Zone 8a. I want to grow figs in the ground for fresh eating. If anyone is growing varieties other than Celeste or Brown Turkey that do well in NC, could you share what they are?



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Tammy Kennedy

Most all of them do just fine here- your limits are only what varieties you can find. We are in a sweet spot for figs. Supposedly the one with big open eyes don't do as well here (i think because of ant issues). This time of year is perfect to go post on the fig forum, because hardwood cuttings taken in winter are easy to ship and root well. You'll get many many more varieties than by just looking in stores that way. Also helps to scout around old neighborhoods and ask about their figs and if you can take a cutting. Lots of old varieties that the name may be lost for that are different than brown turkey or celeste (which is a great fig, by the way). If you get it locally you know it's already well adapted to your area and soil. Plus you may make an older person's day and keep alive a heritage variety. Good luck!

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Re: Fig cultivars suitable to the Southeast. I think it is unsafe to make a blanket statement that "most all of them do just fine here." It is, for example, untrue that fig cultivars commonly grown in California and other areas with Mediterranean climates are well-adapted to our Southeastern heat and humidity. It is wise to do a little research before selecting fig cultivars other than such standard varieties as 'Brown Turkey' and 'Celeste.'

Here is a link to the NCSU Fact Sheet that lists the fig varieties best adapted to the State of North Carolina:

Pasted below is a selection from the Webpage of one of the leading fig authorities of the Southeast, Ray Givan, of Guyton, GA:

I do not sell fig cuttings or fig plants. Check the Links Page for sources.
I do sell The Fig Booklet written by me with Fred W. Born. It is a 36 page (8 1/2 x 11") how-to guide crammed with useful information on growing and using figs as well as a more extensive varieties list than those on this website. It is only $11.00, in the U.S, $12.00 in Canada and Mexico and $15.00 in ALL other countries. These prices include postage and handling and are good through 2007. Payment through PayPal is strongly preferred. Not familiar with it? Click on PayPal.

U.S. orders:
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All other countries

All orders outside of North America will be airmailed. If you do not want to use PayPal, you can use an International Postal Reply Coupon payable in US Dollars.

For U.S. and Canadian customers who do want to use PayPal, you may pay with check or money order payable in US Dollars. Canadian Postal Money Orders payable in US Dollars are fine.

Ray Givan
2412 Low Ground Road
Guyton, Georgia 31312-5122
Figs are my hobby, not a business and that's why I sell only the Fig Booklet.

Home Fig
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Figs Dark
Figs My Collection American Figs New Figs Ethnic Figs 2002 Comments FAQ Links

© Copyright, Ray Givan, 2004. Permission to download and print for personal use is . . .

I hope you will find this information useful.

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Sorry jay_7bsc. The Garden Web does not allow advertisements for items for sale of any kind by their members. Though you may be knowledgeable, this site is for free and open sharing of information.

Here is a link that might be useful: No

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Sorry, nancedar, but I am not "a vendor posting an ad," and, thus, do not consider my recommendation of Ray Givan's _The Fig Booklet_ a violation of this forum's spirit of information sharing. I am sharing information with another participant, who may find the information useful.

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Tammy Kennedy

If you're trying to sell something that's a no-no, period. Nan was nice about it. We are a nice and fairly close knit group of folks around here who play nice and respect each other even when we disagree. You barged in and got snotty really fast. Not cool.

As to my statement, I was giving the poster credit enough to figure out that getting local figs was the easy and smart way to get something that does excellent (and i explained how to do that). I figured that he wouldn't go buying or trading from california, the caribbean or italy, and that it went without saying. That said, there are fine italian figs that were brought over here that do just fine- as evidenced by some of the old types grown in older neighborhoods. The majority of closed eye figs do just fine here. Yes, he needs to research a bit, and that's half the fun- finding what flavors/colors/habits you are looking for. Making new friends and acquaintances in the process is also fun. Being clobbered is not.

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