Zoo Med Terrarium Moss??

dranomaxSeptember 1, 2007

I've looked all over town for suitable long-fiber sphagnum Moss and the only place that has it is the local Pet shop. It comes in a box and is called, Zoo Med Terrarium Moss. It says that no chemicals or dyes have been added, but I need to know if this is all right for my plants. Does anyone know about this stuff?

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Some mosses do produce chemicals that WILL KILL your CP. California Carnivores (californiacarnivores.com) and Sarracenia Northwest (cobraplant.com) do sell long-fiber sphagnum moss. You can try ebay too; sometimes growers may have excess long-fiber sphagnum moss and may sell their surplus at ebay. ThatÂs where I got some, a Floridian variety that can tolerate heat better then the northerner varieties. Unfortunately I donÂt have any surplus sphagnum moss but try the two nurseries or ebay.

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I know that several mosses are deadly to CPs and the only reason I bring it up is that this Terrarium Moss is labled as Sphagnum Moss, and looks like sphagnum moss, I just wanted to know if this stuff is usable or has anything added I should know about. Thanks!

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Oh Mosses sold at pet stores in my area are usually the moss other then Sphagnum. Still IÂll be careful from mosses sold at pet stores, IÂve seen mosses mislabeled as sphagnum moss when it is clearly not. Be careful.

Usually nurseries sell small bales of dried long-fiber sphagnum moss for orchids. Usually New Zealand or Canadian sphagnum moss are the best, Chilean Sphagnum moss are starting to be sold here in the US. Good luck!

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There is a company in Illinois -- Luster Leaf Products -- that markets long fibre sphagnum moss, they sell it in dried compressed blocks. The blocks expand 12X in volume when you add water. The moss comes from Chile (at least the stuff I have does.) It's the only thing I've used for years for my carnivorous plants. Here's a link:


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Cool, thank you!

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Here's an excerpt from my copy of Peter D'Amato's "The Savage garden"

"'Sphagnum moss' has unfortunately become the generic term used for any dried, fibrous moss used in horticulture....Worse, I have seen packages of decorative green moss actually for sale as sphagnum moss. I have seen many CPs killed because decorative green moss was mistaken for true sphagnum."

On an earlier page, he had a comparison of true sphagnum with decorative green moss. I googled that Zoo Med moss and it looks EXACTLY like the decorative green moss. I would definitely not buy that stuff.

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