help my nepenthes is browning

ipodtouch12September 30, 2009

Help my nepenthes is browning on the middle of the stem, top and bottom i just got it 3 weeks ago from california carnivores tell me wha worng so i can fix the problem!

Here a pither

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Are you giving it distilled or R/O water?

What are its lighting conditions?
Can you share more info on how you are raising this plant?

Calid Carns is a great nursury who usually ships well...I am wondering about the growing conditions...

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

I can't be positive because you don't give any info about the conditions(and that is critical) but it looks like there is mold in the pot. You may be keeping it too wet and if you don't have a fan going I suggest you install one or back off on the water. You haven't answered marklius about the water so I hope you're not using tap water. You should know better.

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Sorry, have to wait for a week or 2 just for a comcast Internet thing but anyway I give it only r/o water and I put it under artificial light for 14 hours the soil is always moist and I pot it in a 3.5 pot with one part lfsm and one part peat.

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