Multiple Jade Issues

lizs4June 17, 2014

Hello, a couple months ago I adopted a couple of very leggy, weak jades from someone. I have since cut back all the drooping branches (rooted them ALL and now have more jade babies than I know what to do with!), and repotted them since they hadn�t been repotted in years � had to actually smash one of the pots!
Anywho, I am currently not in a living situation that will allow me to keep all my adopted houseplants indoors, so these jades have been going through repotting shock in the great outdoors, susceptible to all sorts of things. I learned about sunburning after they got the afternoon sun a few days in a row, and have provided them with some shade which has helped. One of them is putting out new leaves like crazy. The other, more recently transplanted, got completely soaked during a storm by mistake. I replaced as much of the wet soil with dry as possible without having to completely repot again to cut down on the shock.
Since then, a few problems have begun to hit all of my jades. The first thing I noticed was tiny white spots, mostly along the edges of the leaves, which seem to wipe away. I�m very familiar with powdery mildew, but I don�t think this is it. I haven�t found much of anything on the undersides of the leaves, and haven�t noticed a sticky residue. Therefore I�m not sure it�s spider mites either. In other areas I have crusty brown spots that look like punctures, and a couple blackish spots.
All the info I have found on insecticides has been conflicting. I have found people both in favor of, and warning against, use of insecticidal soap, horticultural oil, and alcohol. So I sprayed some of the babies with the oil (Bonide says it�s safe to use on jades� we�ll see. ..), and applied alcohol with a qtip on others. I�m looking for help from a seasoned jade owner, and I have good pics of the problem leaves. I�d be grateful for any advice!

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I can't seem to upload pics from my phone atm so I will try with my laptop asap

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Ha! Guess it's working now. The last one was one of 2 or 3 black spots with closeup of the tiny white residue spots. This one is the worst of the bumpy discoloration hitting all of them

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I know this is mostly sunburn, just want confirmation because that top leaf looks slightly different :-)

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Here's a good example of what my jades look like in general right now. You can see the white spots really well

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The other black spots and more of the bumps

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

The white dots are just mineral excretions coming out the Hydathodes (pores on the leaf).


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Thank you! I had read that in a couple of forums so I'm glad that's not a problem. Do you have any idea what the black spots and bumpy discoloration might be?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I have no idea about the black dots or the bumps....but I would advise you to simply remove those leaves. Sure, the plant may look a little naked for a few weeks, but new leaves will grow.

Some of the other pics show simple sunburn. You can pluck those leaves, too.


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I just wanted to follow up on this since I finally saw some bugs on the leaves today. .. it seems I have a leafhopper infestation! Turns out the tiny white spots can be attributed to them too :-(

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