Best Tree for my Yard

jskeyes2(Z10 San Diego)October 4, 2010

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a tree for a small spot in my yard - it should be no more than 20 feet tall, no invasive roots, with preferably some combination of fall color, flowering, some other sort of interest. Losing leaves is fine in winter (for what we have here in Carlsbad) and actually would be nice. It does not really need to be drought tolerant as it will be in an irrigated lawn.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Crape Mrytle. There are all kinds and all sizes that won't exceed that height.
I have one called purple catawba and it turns red in the fall...actually its been red all summer.
The tag said it gets to 15 feet.

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I would plant a silk floss tree - it makes very beautiful flowers mid-autumn and does lose its leaves but very late in the year. I find the trunk especially attractive.


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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

My favorite small trees are Mayten and Weeping Bottlebrush.
Here's a list of good trees from Laguna Nursery that hoovb just posted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Good trees for Socal

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A Chitalpa tree won't get too large, has pretty flowers and is not too messy. It's deciduous and remains leafless for longer than a lot of trees.

I really love the trumpet trees (Tabebuia, pink [impetiginosa] or yellow [chrysotricha]). They both grow at a metered pace and don't get too large.

I've seen 40 ft silk floss trees in University City (San Diego), so I'd be carefull with planting that in a small area. Also, the thorns aren't good if you will be entertaining around the area.

African Tulip trees (Spathodea campanulata) are also really beautiful, especially the yellow flowering variety.

You might want to consider Acacia baileyana purpurea. It's not deciduous, but has pretty leaves and lots of yellow flowers in the spring.

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