ltecato(9)September 7, 2008

From what little I've read, these plants are somewhat like droseras and fairly easy to cultivate. I tried searching for posts about them in this forum but apparently there are none. Does anyone have any experience with these?

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hiddenjungle(zone 6, NY)

From my experiences the hardest plants to grow are temparates and easiest are tropicals, but it might just be because of my zone i have to do a little extra work to overwinter my temparates, i currently grow, d. adelae, and d. capensis and they are very easy, any tropical plants are easy to grow but if your a begginner i would stay away from heliamphora, cepholatus, which require little more care than say a nepenthes or drosera, check out for info on temparates and tropicals

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Coincidently, I happen to be growing them. They're new to me this year and what I have read is that they are cultivated like a sundew. I had a pot in a window sill and one outside. Neither are doing better or worse than the other and neither are doing anything extraordinary. I have no flowers. Here is a picture from a month or so ago:

They look better than that right now and hope to have updated pictures this week.

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Petiolaris: They look a bit more like pings than sundews. Anyway, I've got one coming in the mail. I probably spent too much on it, but that's how I am with plants, especially carnivores.

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They are cultivated like most sundews, but aren't related to sundews. They're also new to me, so I'm learning as I go.

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