weak pitchers Sarracenia

gentoo_1980September 3, 2013

Hiya I've bought a Sarracenia three months ago and read up lots on how to take care of it. It's been doing great but today I noticed two new pitchers that are really weak, They're paper thin. They're stood upright but the hood caves in a little at the top as it's so weak. It even has creases on the sides of the pitchers.

The two pitchers are new and are bigger than any produced this year. There's also an older pitcher that's gone the same way.

I did manage to get some fertilizer on it 10 days ago when watering another plant but soaked the pitchers in water three times and rinsed the soil out three times. I wasn't a lot of fertilizer I don't think. Could this have caused it?

It's getting enough light, I don't think I'm over watering it. I've always had it sat in a bowl, half filled with water. I allow to drain and then refill.

It's outside in my yard but doesn't catch many bugs. I went to the pet shop a month ago for some meal worms but they were sold out and haven't been back uptown since. My first thought was that it was producing weak pitchers as it's malnourished but can't find the answer on google so have come here for help.

Sorry I can't upload a photo and don't know what type it is.

Thank you for reading this.

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Post a photo. SOME Sarracenias do flop over this time of year. Flava for instance.

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It's hard to say what type of Sarracenia you have. It could be the frequently sold hybrids like Sarracenia 'Judith Hindle' or S. 'Scarlette Belle', or Sarracenia purpurea. But recently long tube Sarracenia flava/oreophilia hybrids, S. Minor & S. rubra have been sold.

But they all suffer a problem when they don't receive adequate lighting. I'm assuming when you say they are big, by that you mean they are long & somewhat spindly? With big alas? When the plant isn't receiving enough light, they can grow too tall & the leaf very thin & weak.

Without a photo, it's hard to know what's wrong with your plant. It could be the fertilizer that did it, but we won't know. I agree with "tommyr". See if you can post a picture, we may even identify it for you.

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