My VFT Will Not Eat

plantperson333September 22, 2007

My VFT Will Not Eat. I have 3 VFT and they will not close to eat the flie I am giving it. What is the problem?

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Most store-bought flytraps can't digest insects well because they are to weak and neglected.I managed to get my flytrap to digest insects but they only digest once and not twice like they are supposed to.Wait for new growth to appear and those new traps will work.Only the old traps stay still.And don't be worried if they digest a fly and the trap turns black, it is just weak and can not digest very well.Once it is in stable conditions and starts to catch bugs, they will be able to digest properly.
- Adrian

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And, get the plant in a morning sun window the first week, an all day sun window the second week, and outside after that if possible. Inside, you will not have enough light to allow the plant to grow and digest insects unless you place strong supplemental florescent lights over it while it is in a good sunny window.

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Carnivorous plants do not need insects to thrive. Sunlight is their major food source. Secondly, VFTs do not do well indoors so if you grow it indoors, good luck....

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