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dragonflydeeDecember 29, 2012

Pretty and interesting Picts I would love to comment about!I am so inept with this IPad touchscreen I need more time to learn to navigate.But to
Start I saw plants and butterflies I know and live with,plus more Picts that
Suggest new ideas.Thanks,Sherry.
BTW I have(abt a decade) kept Gamefowl some trios in brood pens,
But some on the yard.The young males before they have to be tied up
Reminded me of little Velicorapters stalking around.They really are
Beautiful chickens.But I can't have chickens on the place now. They are
Too much work,and would play havoc with the butterfly gardens,free range
Butterflies and more.Also,I have
Bird feeding stations and I think birds do contribute to my yard by seeding
It with new plants and wildflowers.

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Welcome and congrats on your new IPad. Sounds like you had a good Christmas. Hope you enjoy Gardenweb.

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