Is it just me or??????

coorscat(6 and 9)March 10, 2011

Talking gardening with my mother on the phone a few days ago. She loves petunias....I dislike them very much. I mentioned that the main reason (aside from the constant dead-heading)for my dislike is that the flowers stink. Her opinion is that they have no fragrance (neither pleasant or unpleasant). So is it my imagination or do

#1 petunias have an "aroma"

#2 do you find it unpleasant or pleasant

I don't even like to be in the garden centers when they are selling them because of the smell. Is it just me

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The newer hybrids have had the fragrance bred out of them, unfortunately. You have to find old-fashioned types to find the floral appeal(this I remember fondly from ones bought by my mother in the 60s). The leaves are sticky, but I've not found that to be objectionable. The deadheading and stem elongation with warm weather can distract, but I find removing the faded flowers a therapeutic 'chore', while being out in the fresh air and sunshine. Like to know that I'm extending the flowering potential and season of enjoyment.

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