Where to buy pinestraw in Raleigh

rggardenMarch 7, 2006

Does anyone know where to buy pinestraw in Raleigh? I actually live in the Wake Forest area and I would need it to be delivered because I would need a pretty big amount. Thanks in advance.

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

Area Mulch and Soils, 919-870-9771. We have had many "large" orders of mulch bark delivered in recent years. Just had a load of stone delivered yesterday to border the beds. Dick, will give you great service. He is a true southern gentleman running a local business. Hubby will not buy from any other distributer. Area Mulch and Soils always has a premium variety of mulch. Have not ordered pine straw; but we are thinking of ordering some pine straw for certain areas this year. His price is 5.10 a bale. We have never used pine straw before so we are not sure about the price.... I Looked around online. The other sites will give you a qoute after you fill in the information. Area Mulch and Soils does not have a fancy website but they do list all their prices. A phone call to them will give you all the information you need.....Hope this helps....Dianne
Please find link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Area Mulch and Soil

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How much stone/what type did you get and what was the cost?

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

The stones range in size all chunky edged; Aprox 5 to 15 lbs each. They are a pink, grey, opaque white, and a black color mix. Granite? We got 5.5 tons at 25.50 per ton plus delivery. They are covered with grey powder. The color is revealed when you hose them off. It cost under 200.00. My justification is; it is a one time purchase. The rocks will always be here. Happy Spring! WooHoo......Dianne

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tamelask(z8a NC)

the stone souds like riprap. you can get it for about $12 a ton at martin marietta sites. that's probably where he got it. as long as you have a hard hat, you can get it yourself, or pay someone else. nice thing about getting it yourself is the ability to cherry pick. t

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

It may be the riprap stone. Hubby did the order....The price we paid would be right.
We do not have the size of truck or time to go to martin marietta. It would take 10 trips in our half ton pick up truck to get the 5.5 ton of stone that we needed for this project. If you do.... have a truck.... that can handle the load I strongly recommend it! The stone looks great! Hubby has been moving the stone these last several evenings. He has the front areas defined, and we will be moving out back this weekend. This is just what we have been looking for. A chunky stone to define the boarders. Heading to Broadwells this weekend to add to the planting mix! WooHoo.......Dianne

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tamelask(z8a NC)

yeah, that's where we got our stone long time ago. it's a cheap way to get stone. i like picking through so i can find the flatter or prettier stones. it's not far from where we live. we haven't been there in a while. we actually put the last couple loads in the back of our van, sans seats, but the most you dare load up a van is about 1 1/2 tons of stone- which isn't much at all. we had borrowed pickups when we got the bigger batches. i was just putting the info out there for other folks. it would be worth the upcharge and delivery fee if you lived farther away, needed a lot or just didn't want to go pick through stone and handle it 3x. have fun at broadwells! and if you don't find what you want there- don't be afraid to ck out old stage across the rd- same family, more trendy stuff, a bit more expensive. nice folks. tammy

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If you are looking for mulch -- bark, pinestraw or rock -- Hamilton Landscapes off Gresham Lake Rd in N. Raleigh has the best prices I have seen. I think they can deliver, but probably charge for it unless a very large order. They have a large selection of different barks and gravels, rocks, soil, etc. Home Depot is also relatively inexpensive for pine straw.

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javaman(z7 Raleigh,NC)

Diane1957 and Tamelask, Where are these quarries that you could pick through the stone? I have been wanting to find one of these for years.

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

Attatched is a link below to Martin Marietta. I have not been there myself but maybe Tammy can give more details. Click around this website...there are quarries all over the state of North Carolina.........I think I hauled my stone limit around the yard last weekend!.........Dianne

Here is a link that might be useful: Martin Marietta Aggregates

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tamelask(z8a NC)

well, the one we use is the one in garner, off old garner rd. you can't go into the main quarry area- only just inside the area where they pile up the rocks. still it's a big pile you can pick through. they won't let you in if you don't have a hard hat. they weigh your vehicle, you go in, get your rocks, then they weigh you again on the way out and you pay for the stuff you got. simple enough. i don't think they have saturday hrs- the one real problem for us. good luck & have fun! tam

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dianne1957(NC 7b)

This is really good info! When you went there could you pick up LARGE rocks? Like 50 lbs or more? Large rocks to use as focal points in beds? ........Dianne

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I'm in south Raleigh and have used Tee Top Farms from Fuquay. I think he said $3.50 and he does deliver. He's very nice and would highly recommend him as his product has always been good.

This year I ordered a dump truck load of double shred hardwood. Still am having to get pine straw. Should have stayed with the straw.

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tamelask(z8a NC)

ummmm- well, you can sort of look around and get what you can see, if you can pick it up. ok- this is embarrassing to admit, but... we sort of snuck past the pile a couple of times and got bigger pieces- there are no real obvious signs. but we got caught once and yelled at for not being where we were supposed to be *blush*. they let us go back to the rip rap pile & get more though- so if you're brave....

if you wanna stay outta trouble you could ask if you could get some larger rocks & where to go when you weigh in. the riprap pile is fairly variable in size- i'm sure there'd be some 50 #ers in there if you dug around a bit. i think pretty much nothing is off limits as long as it's a rock and it's around there. when we went our, ahem, 'adventure', we even got some sandstone. not what most people want, but we edged a pond with it, and it grows moss beautifully. they don't have that up at the riprap pile. dunno that we'll venture past where we're supposed to again- no reason to, really. (it is neat seeing the main part of the quarry.) i understand why they don't want you back there, though- talk about lawsuit city! and they may have a barrier or more signs up now, i don't know since it's been a few yrs since we've been out. i'd call & ask, to be sure about hrs & policies & such since it's been so long since we've been. have fun! and wear back protection or bring strong folks if you're looking for big ones. tam

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