Ott Lite... anybody familiar with them?

petiolaris(Neutral)September 22, 2007

I came across this product at Home Depot. It is only 13 Watts, but supposedly good on the spectruam end of things for plants. Here's piece about it, from the website I Googled:

Planting the Seed

[quote]Houseplants are attractive, fruitful and constantly changing decorations that add softness and provide you with a touch of nature, indoors. However, because plants use light to produce sugars, starches and other substances needed, inadequate lighting will limit their evolution. WeÂve got a solution  OTT-LITE® Natural Light Supplement products. Without burning leaves or blooms, or drying out soil, these specially formulated lamps give you the benefit of natural daylight indoors without the damaging heat. Only Mother Nature knows the difference.

Grow With Us

Benefits of daylight without the heat

Adjustable clamps and stakes for easy mounting

Telescoping shaft and flexible neck

Low heat wonÂt dry soil or burn leaves

Naturally balanced lighting


"We have been using OTT-LITE® (TrueColor lamps) in our plant growth laboratory for nearly 10 years now  OTT-LITE® (TrueColor lamps) are a must for healthy growth of all indoor plants!"

Gary D. Campbell, Laboratory Manager, AgriEnergy Resources

"Within two weeks of using the plant grow lamp it was obvious that even with one tube tied behind its back, the OTT-LITE® (lighting) clobbered the competition by growing nearly twice the size in the same time under the same overall conditions."

Peter Benjamin of The Nursery News[/quote]

Anybody familiar with it?

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Their description only indicates that the light produces 840 lumens and is equivalent to a 75 watt incandescent. Since it costs 16 bucks I would think that the more efficient option would be a regular florescent 40 watt shop light tube at 3000 lumens each.

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Yeah...I have two of the ott lights...I jumped the gun if you will. I found you can get an 85w 5000k light for just under $30 and buy a clamp base at home depot apparently for around 9.00. I think I wish i would have not gotten the ott light. oh well.

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Thanks for the feedback. Are Grolux bulbs still in existence?

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I keep my set up very simple, I grown my plants on these coiled mercury lamps of 2000 lumens of about 35 watts each. The coiled bulbs and clamp base cost me about $25 bucks. My plants seems to like it.

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Wher did you buy the coiled lamps?

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I bought an OTT or 2 last winter. Too expensive for what is delivered. Better off with aPphilips cool and daylight combo (6$ for 3 pack). I had to call the OTT company for specs as they were not on the box. They were clueless. They don't last very long either.

I get my cfl bulbs at the link below. I like these guys. They are cheap friendly. well packed. I had one fritz on me, the fedex'ed me another right away. I use the 5100K 42's and the 5000K 85's. My plants took off like rockets!

Honestly, I cringe at tubes now. They are more expensive to run too but I grow more than 200 plants. Neccessary evil in z-5. I use the cfls & tubes together . (4 tubes and 2 cfls shot in from the ends or from the front) when I have to instead of overdriving. Even with 23 W cfl's, It delivers about double the "sun power" in that config.


Here is a link that might be useful: Lightbulbs Direct website

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I bought my coiled lamps @ Wal-Mart. $9 dollars each and 2700 lumens @ 45 watts.

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Thank you for the link! Now to fly them by my wife!

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