hero81September 23, 2007

During the time that I was ment to ask this question, my computer was messed up.

Anywho, I repotted the 3 Venus fly traps I own with a mixture of non-fertilized Sphagnum Peat Moss, Live sphagnum, and some horticultural sand. I unpotted my plants and descovered that within one pot, there was about 5-9 small bulbs. So I potted them separately in a huge pot.

The same thing happened with all the other pots too.

I have the 2050 lumen light blasting on them and bought another lamp and bulb. The bulb gives 2600 Lumens. giving a grand total of 4650 lumens blasting on the plant.

I think the plants greatly appreciate it due to the fact that most of the plants are turning red.

Now I got 2 questions.

I got a venus fly trap with impressivly large traps. It's turning red on the leaf, outside the leaf, and inside the leaf. I don't know exactly where it's going to turn red next. By the way, that was not the question.

One of the leafs is dead near the base of the plant. I discovered while repotting that the leaf was folded at the base of the plant. Just one, maybe an error while stuffing it in a plastic dome. I don't know.

As I said earlier, the leaf is going dead at the base and it's spreading slowly. However, the leaf continues to turn redder and redder. So does that mean the leaf is dead or alive?

Second question. I ran out of the water I was using (Purified Water) and recently got Distilled Water. It is purified by "Steam Distillation".

Does that mean it would work on my VFT?

Thanks for all your help.


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Distilled water will be fine. I only use rain water or distilled water. I have 6 plants all of them are doing great.

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The steam distilled water will work. Basically they heat the water, collect the steam from it, and voila. It's pure water because any minerals are all left behind when it evaporates.

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In not sure if the leaf you mentioned is dead or not as you indicated it is red but dying from the base up. In all likelihood, it got damaged at the base and will die off, so just clip it off before mold gets it.

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