manzanitas split trunk

MarkStJohnOctober 1, 2013

I live in San Diego, and I have an unknown species of Manzanitas in the parkway. It is well established, over 10 years old, about 4 feet high and wide. Very happy until a week or two ago when the main trunk split all the way through. Now the leaves are all dying. Too much water seems unlikely as we water 20 minutes once per week. And is there anything I can do?

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Main trunk split, best to remove it and plant a new one.

Here is a link that might be useful: Manzanitas

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Any idea about the cause. I'd like to keep it from happening again! Thanks!

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A picture might help explain why it failed. Here we have native manzanitas plus those I have planted and none have ever had any water other than the winter rains. Al

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Once-per-week watering is too much for most species of manzanita (not all, but most).

No idea what would cause that. Vandalism? I agree that you'll probably have to remove it and start over. My understanding is that few species will grow back after coppicing.

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Thanks, all. The trunk split vertically along the major axis of the trunk, not radially like a coppice. I took a piece of the trunk to Las Palitas nursery, and the good folks there diagnosed over/any watering. So I've learned my lesson. And I picked up some great native plants for Fall planting, too.

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Considering the size of the plant, I would not hurry to dig it out, as it may recover, given the proper neglect. Al

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