Arthur Rackham and Elderberry shrubs...

dragonflydeeDecember 29, 2012

He illustrated them so well also the Quinces.My Audubon Field Guide for
East lists them as Honeysuckle family.The flowers look nice and are
Described as "fragrant".They are in my zone 8.If the shrub in the guide
Is the same as in the book I would like to try one in the yard. Maybe I will get a couple of Quinces,too.
It is foggy outside here today in these woods,and I am just hoping for quiet
To continue and no more storm cells.I want to just sit here by the stove
And read Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens.

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terrene(5b MA)

Dragonfly, I have about 8 large american elderberries (Sambucus canadensis). Most were grown from seedlings purchased in 2008. They are very fast growing and bloom young. But the flowers aren't fragrant that I've noticed. Also haven't seen butterflies on the flowers. I don't know if the foliage is used as a host plant much, however in some areas the deer will browse them heavily.

The biggest plus is that all kinds of birds absolutely the berries!

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Thanks for the info and I really do want some of the shrubs close to my
House,just to try them as residents if I can find a spot they like.Oh,and
The deer!I was up early this morning,and looking out my front large pict
Window at my bird feeders there they were(3 Does)browsing in the
Power line clearing across the road.We have a lot of deer and wild
Turkish.The hen Turkies will come around the house for the huckle berry
Bushes,but deer stay a little more back from my yard.I think the E shrubs
Would be safe.

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I have elderberries that one of my friends gave me root cuttings & I planted them in a "thicket" area in my yard. They can be very invasive & multiply by root runners! I haven't noticed the deer eating them but they have defoliated & rubbed their horns on several of my trees especially my little plum tree I planted last year! ;o(
I'm going to have to put a cage around it if it is going to survive!!! They also rubbed a big pear tree but it is about 25 ft tall & still hasn't produced fruit & it is 5 years old already!!!???
If you would like some dried elderberries to plant or some root cuttings...I'd be happy to share! We could trade for butterfly plants &/or seeds or you could send me just money for postage & I'll send you at least 3 roots.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

An elderberry popped up/volunteered on the edge of the woods here, and it seems to be multiplying, making more stalks. I'm going to let it go, though, because it's native, and the birds must like the berries, since they disappear as soon as they ripen.
Of course, I could always learn how to make wine....:)


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Sherry, the lady that gave me the root cuttings does just that...she makes wine & jam out of her's!!! ;o)
She also said it is much easier to use the flowers because the berries will stain everything!
I had my first blooms & berries this last year but I just collected a few for seeds & scattered the rest back into the thicket!

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samhain10(5a - MI)

I had thought to buy a specimen to plant for making herbal tinctures (it's supposed to boost the immune system), and then discovered it growing wild on the property! (still haven't made a tincture; maybe this year...)

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