Sad when your 4-Yr old has more sense than you

deirdre_2007(7)March 18, 2009

What a beautiful day to be working out in the garden. Since I have so much to do outside, my daughter and I set out around 10:00 to go play and work or work and play in the garden. She was a fabulous helper. I am so excited at the amount of work I got done. I was putting in some landscape edging that I picked up over the weekend, and I was trying to get as much as I could in, while the soil is still pliable. I could have kept working and I really really wanted to, and I was a wee bit cranky because I was so very close to finishing one area, but the poor girl was tired, hungry and thirsty, so what can you do?

I've given her a shower and lunch and now she's tucked into bed. Why is she smarter than me? Because of course I over did it and I'm feeling the hurt right now. Every muscle hurts. I'm telling you weeding, mulching, hammering and raking and general yard clean up, is a much more strenuous workout than the 40 minutes I did on the elliptical last night. Had it not been for my girlie, I would have stayed on working out there, and I'd be practically crippled right now.

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