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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)December 27, 2012

On Christmas evening, we had been under tornado watches for quite a while, and bands of rain had come through. Around ?5:00, one of my husband's ham radio friends who monitors weather with state-of-the-art weather equipment called us while we were having a tremendous storm, with torrential rain, the trees swaying, and the lights flickering. He said a tornado was southwest of us and heading our way! So, we got ready to grab all the dogs and go to the central bathroom, should we hear a roar. We didn't get a tornado, but I heard on radio and TV about tornadoes touching down all around here. When I went to Hattiesburg yesterday, we were shocked to see the obvious path of a tornado not far north of our house, maybe a half mile? or mile at most, but closer than I want one to come! It was probably only an F1 category, and it only went through woods, nobody was hurt fortunately. I got a picture of the area today -


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Over there and told my husband you all were involved in the bad weather.
I am so glad it missed you! We get them a lot in Al,too.One passed very
Close once,and hearing it(it was daytiime) I ran outside and saw the funnel.
It left a mess in it's path about like your picture!I have three adopted dogs.
If I ever had to go to a shelter I may have a problem.I could take the little
One.She goes everywhere with us in the RV anyway.
So glad nobody was hurt!

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Wow, MissSherry - so glad you all are okay! Of course, you know I live (and those of us from Oklahoma) live in Tornado Alley. We have had lots of really bad ones here. Fortunately, I have never been in one. I was close, but not actually involved in one. With tornados, you just never know which path they will follow. They often make lots of twists and turns, zig zag this way and that, and it is difficult to predict where they will hit.

I think I would rather deal with them, tho, than the hurricanes you call have to cope with.

Glad you're okay and hope no one suffered too much damage and injury.


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terrene(5b MA)

Glad to hear that the tornado missed your property! I'm happy that such weather extremes as tornadoes and hurricanes are a rare event up here in New England. Although we have had a couple tropical storms and an earthquake in the past couple years. Weird weather!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Thanks, all!

We had a lot of rain yesterday, but no tornadoes or even thunder and lightning, thank goodness!


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