Rufous hummingbird

kiffin87(Orlando FL)December 21, 2012

I did post this to the HB forum but it doesn't seem to be very busy so I thought I would post here too as I know HB's would also visit butterfly gardens. I have a Rufous HB visiting my yard and I wanted to know how unusual it is to see them in this area - I am in Windermere near Orlando.
many thanks for any info

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I'm no expert, but I think it's pretty unusual for them to show up as far east as you are. Most of the overwintering rufous hummers I hear about are in Louisiana or extreme southwest Mississippi near the border.
Are you familiar with the Sargents? They're very involved with hummingbirds, especially overwintering ones, so I'll give you a link to their site. They'd love to hear about your rufous hummingbird and you can contact your Florida representative on this site.
By the way, is it an orange male, or were you able to identify it as a female? I hear they're a little larger than the regular ruby throats. Male or female, I'm SO jealous! :) I've been leaving my feeders out in winter for years and never gotten any takers! :(


Here is a link that might be useful: Winter Hummingbird Contacts

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kiffin87(Orlando FL)

Thanks Sherry - I have emailed the Sargents and also the contact for Florida that was on the website you sent. I have sent them the photo I have - I'm not sure about male/female but hopefully they may be able to ID and let me know.

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Butterflies and hummingbirds go together to me.One summer a little hen
Rubythroat spent quite a bit of time gathering nesting material all about my backyard and dragonfly pond among the old dried cattails.At the same time
The butterflies were busy among the Zinnias(and I grow the tallest I can find)all around the pond.They get along it seems.
Who do we hate??? Fire ants and Yellow Jackets!

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kiffin87(Orlando FL)

The bird has been ID'd as a young male Rufous. There are a handful of other Rufous HB's that have been reported in Central Florida also.

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