Japanese Blueberry

dogridge(7b nc)March 31, 2009

Does anyone grow this shrub? I saw it at a nursery in Las Vegas (Plant World- go if you are ever out there, it is so worth it!)

It seems like a neat evergreen shrub, but is rated to Zone 8. I have grown great pittosporum which are supposed to be Zone 8 as well. I'd like to try these if I can find a source.

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You might check this out

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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I have 18 Japanese Blueberry trees planted in Las Vegas, NV.
I purchased them in 15 gal containers, so they were about two inch diameter trunk and 10' to 12' tall. They are planted near perimeter walls on the "East" and "South" side of our property. They have not done well, but with that said, I do not believe I have had the best advise on growing them.
Here is where I am now, three years later and I think I have actually lost 14 of them, but had the nursery replace them as they died.
1. Make sure your watering is adjusted to allow full saturation of the ground to depth of root ball. Then "Do Not" water again until surface is dry. (consider season) Too much water will not allow the tree to breath.
2. Make sure to prepare the soil to reduce the Nevada alkali prone character, so lots of sulpher and Iron. I believe these trees prefer a more acidic soil than we have in the desert.
3. Try to make sure to keep the trees as far as reasonable from block walls, considering mature sized tree. So I would try to plant at least 4 to 5 feet from wall, by the time they reach 8 to 10' diameter, they should be hardened to the heat.
4. Try to avoid West and South exposure if possible.
5. Keep a keen eye for borer's.. If you get a portion of the tree that looks weak or dying, treat immediately and repeat in two to three weeks.
I am not a professional here and am weary of mentioning products, but will respond if asked.
ps notice that I have done all the wrong things, but am hopeful. I really like these trees..

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dottie_in_charlotte(z7-8 NC)

Nevada..Are they fruiting yet? Are they dentatus, decipiens or reticulatus (the three varieties mentioned in digger's link)?

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I planted 5 Japanese Blueberry trees along my back fence line in November 2010 for privacy. I almost lost all 5 trees as they began dropping leaves and didn't grow an inch in the first year. I began a root stimulator process of 2 gallons water to 1/3 cup root stimulator in summer of 2011 for 4 straight weeks and again in the spring of 2012. My trees are now beautiful and have grown 3' this summer. I also gave them a general fertilizer and watered them weekly by hand. Until they get established they need a lot of care.

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It is rated to zone 8B.
I wouldn't plant it, and I am in zone 8.
It can't take freezing, it will die.
There are alot of other nice evergreens you can
buy that you won't have to worry about loosing over
a prolonged cold spell.

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