strawberries in zone 10

luv_figsOctober 28, 2009


What strawberry variety do you guys recommend for zone 10? I live in Orange County and was thinking of Seascape, but that's only up to zone 8. I couldn't find how many chilling hours Seascape needed.

What do you guys plant? Looking for super tasty strawberries to plant in a container.



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The Sunset Western Garden Book (which doesn't deal in USDA Zones 1-11) states that these strawberry cultivars do well in Southern California [regardless of 8, 9, 10, 11...]:


Fort Laramie

Strawberries do best in the ground. Should we assume that you do not have such?


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Hi Joe,
Unfortunately, I don't have a yard or anything like that. Just a concrete patio with lots of small pots. But I did get a pretty awesome 8 hole strawberry planter.

Do you have a particular favorite variety?


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I didn't list my "favorite" because taste is so subjective and what I like isn't necessarily what others like.

With that said, Sequoia usually wins blind tastes tests.


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I am very happy with Sequoia, although I grow it in the ground which may make a difference.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

I like Sequoia the best, best flavor and productivity. Chandler is good but not nearly as productive. The Seascape was not as productive as Chandler and the texture was rather crunchy. I like crunchy apples but not crunchy strawberries.

If you are in Sunset 24 the more surrounding concrete the better. They like a touch of warmth to keep the botrytis at bay. If you can build a raised planter of some kind, you will have better results than in a strawberry pot.

I flipped my strawberry pots over, put a stone tile on top, and made patio tables out of them.

Succulents do pretty well in strawberry pots, better than strawberries.

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Do you all get to enjoy the fruit without netting the plants? I gave up because birds took all the strawberries if I left them uncovered and the netting looked ugly.

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Is now a good time to plant strawberries (probably in the ground), or better to wait until spring?

I'm in SFV which I think is Sunset zone 21, and assume USDA 10 or 11. All I see for sale in local garden stores is Chandler, so I assume they do well around here.

thanks sb

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The best time to plant strawberries is during bare-root season -- late December to early February.

The best selection of cultivars is also at this time. Chandler is the standby "commercial" strawberry but I don't think it's the best tasting that can be grown in So. Cal. gardens.


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Thanks for all your comments guys! I had some Sequoias in tiny pots and transplanted them to my new strawberry planter. it was heart breaking to do since i had to separate the 3 plants and tear the roots apart. i think i may have killed them all!

there are over 6 stalks/leaf sets on each strawberry.

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