It is finally warm!!!

sabji(7b)March 27, 2014

Hello All
I have not been on the forum for a while....
Just trying to keep warm took away a major chunk of my time.
Now that it looks like spring is finally here( please no more cold days!) I have started planning the veggie garden. I guess I missed the boat on Peas? Can i still plant them?
I have just coriander and fenugreek in the beds.

I will be growing Asian vegetables, angled luffa, cucumber, peppers all kinds, Eggplants, tomatoes, and beans, etc.

What have you all planted already and what are planning to grow this season?
It sure feels good to be back and talk garden.

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I use the Watt Quarels seed planting guide for central NC. It says peas should be planted in February. I need to get some cow manure before I even think about more gardening, but it has been so wet and not just cold so ....I'm not far along.

Here is a link that might be useful: NC planting guide

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I will look it up.
Talking of manure.... Raleigh folks there is a craiglist post on free woodchip delivery.... I got 2 truck loads.
It is freshly cut trees shrubs etc. The chips smelled very sweet and the leaves, when crushed, smelled the same. some pine needles too, so i am assuming it has pine chips too. .... Can any body advise me on what to use it for?
1. Can i use it around my garden boxes to supress weeds?
2. Around mature trees in my yard for mulching?
or should I wait for it to rot a little?
It is all freash cut wood chips with leaves mixed in it.
If anybody needs free chips delivery ( no, not potato chips!!), check Craiglist raleigh under free tab .

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I use the fresh chips for just about everything - but mostly as the surface for foot paths instead of gravel. You just have to watch out for poison ivy mixed in when your chips come from a tree service company - it can cause problems if you move the chips around with your bare hands.

My peas are about a month old - I started them in pots because I needed to work the soil more in the beds and it was just too wet and cold. So they will go in the ground this weekend. They are only a few inches tall now. I think a lot of stuff is late this year so you should still be able to plant peas. The bigger problem will be if we jump to summer without a mild Spring. If things stay cool we could get a large crop of peas, if it gets too hot too quick the plants will shut down early.

The only things going strong in the garden at this point is onions onions onions (I may have over done it). Rhubarb is up and doing well and the strawberry patches have been thinned and spread out. Just about everything is going in the ground this weekend.

Seedlings of cauliflower, broccoli, early tomatoes (Stupice), celery, lettuce and more onions are ready to transplant. Seeds for summer tomatoes, peppers, squash and odd ball stuff have been sown and just now starting to sprout.

Fruit trees are blooming. Bees are buzzing. Things are about to get very busy.

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Thanks !! John, for the poison Ivy info. I did not think of it. I will make a point to handle it carefully.

The peas.. I will soak them tonight and plant them anyway. Will keep fingers crossed.
I will also start the other warm season veggies seeds soon in small plastic/ aluminium trays( I have been reading !!)

The tomatoes , peppers and Eggplants, I usually go to farmers market and buy the transplants...

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coorscat(6 and 9)

Supposed to be 70 tomorrow. Woke up this morning to more snow on the ground. Wanting to get planting, but ground is sooooo wet.

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