Help!! She fell over in the storm

LisaLisa143420September 13, 2013

What do I do? She was soooo happy and getting ready to bloom again but the wind took her and two branches snapped off. What do I do? Cut them down to the stem? Leave them alone? She was so pretty now she's one sides. I'm so sad :( help!!

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:( a better view

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Hope she will still bloom

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That's too bad. You could use the opportunity to create a standard form by cutting and restarting the remaining top. Leave the base in the pot an it should regrow, but trim them back to a node to tidy them up. I hope you didn't throw away the broken branches as they could be rooted, too.

Regardless, I still think she'll bloom. :-)


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I didn't throw them away I just laid them out until I decided what to do with them as I was a bit upset that she fell over like that :( She will not be leaving my deck for the rest of the fall! I guess I should have known better. Do you mean that I should cut the top completely off and re-root it? My goal was to create a more standard form but I wasn't sure how and it had Y'd so I just let it do it's thing. What is the best way to re-root the broken branches? just water? is it too late in the season? I"m in zone 6a so I was planning on letting her go dominant in my basement this winter. I could aslo keep her in front of my glass door and try to keep the leaves on her. This is my first Brug ever so it's a BIG learning curve. MY thumb is turning slightly green but still a little on the brown side :) Thanks for all the info!!!

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Yep, I'd be a upset, too.

Yes, I'd cut the top off completely and re-root, but, I'm not sure if now or the spring would be better. I'm facing the same dilemma. I think rooting in the spring would be more successful. There's different methods of starting cuttings. You might want to do a search and see what might work best for you.

I vote for putting her in the basement. It's really difficult to keep a plant growing well, indoors and in winter.

BTW, I've been doing a lot of web research and I only found one source that said to cut so that there's a node at the top and bottom of a cutting. I should have known better as cutting at nodes is in Hort 101, but didn't even think about it.

You might want to offer those cuttings for a trade. ;-)

I did some web searching on "preparing brugmanisa for winter". This video showed the cut for a standard. (Note: the video has nothing to do with "preparing for winter".)

Let us know how it goes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Video

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Here is what fell off... I guess tonight I'll be trying to bring them back to life? I probably shouldn't have left then in the sun but I was in a hurry. Friday the 13th hasn't been very nice to me this year. I'm going to give a call out to Logee's since they are kinda in my zone and see what they recommend that i do now with her :( Thanks for all the advice!

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The lady at logee's suggested that I let it finish blooming and then cut it way back for the winter and she should be able to even out next year. She didn't think it was a good idea to cut it completely right now in our area. I"m going to try to re-root the other guys tonight a few in water and some in potting mix. She said they might take off before it gets too cold they might not. But hey its worth a try! I love this little tree and i'm addicted! I want more but i need to master this one first.

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Hey Lisa,
Those cuttings look okay. Don't worry about the leaves wilting. It's all about the stem at this point. Trim the bottom up to a node and remove leaves so that the plant concentrates on roots.

Don't cut the mother "way" back. Be sure to leave the Y area at the top. Some of this is hit and miss, but like you say "But hey its worth a try! "

Take your time. You have another few weeks (in your zone) to figure out what you think is best. And, I found there's no mastering plants, they master us. ;-) Treat this one, and the cuttings well, and you should be rewarded.


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First time for everything... One of these better work!!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

We root our cuttings in water over the winter here in North Texas. I cut my inground brugs back in November before the first freeze, give the cuttings to gardening friends, and they just put them in a bucket of water to root and be ready to plant out next spring. They just need to be kept at temps above freezing.

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currentriverdenny(7 semo)

I built a water rooter using an aquarium with recycled styrofoam. The styrofoam was cut to fit inside the aquarium and then I cut holes every 1.5 inces and stuck my cuttings through it into the water in the aquarium which has 3inches of water in it. I have the heater in the tank at68 degrees and I also run the airiator with large stone and the cuttings root quickly in this operation, I use it for lots of different cuttings!

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ruth_ann(Z5 Ont.Can.)

Your cuttings look perfect, don't get too much water in the containers or they may tend to rot.
Leaving the ends to dry out a bit was something I did as it sealed the cut and therefor less chance of it rotting.
FYI, the cutting in the white 'Proven Winners' pot us a true Y and growth from this one will flower before the other straight cuttings or those with lateral branching rather than a true Y.

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Here they are today. I've been changing the water every few days. The ones in the soil didn't start rooting so I took out the "true Y" and put that in water. It's the only one without the roots starting... Think these will root? I like the aquarium idea I might have to work on setting that up!

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Another shot

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Here the mom today. Guess she still wants to bloom once more!

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